Try some of these tips to help prevent weight gain over Easter.

1. Quality over Quantity

Go for something a little more expensive of higher quality and smaller than the usual large Easter eggs and bunnies. Really savour the taste and the texture of the chocolate in your mouth. Most of the time we really only enjoy that first mouthful, it’s the strongest taste and the most satisfying. each mouthful after that gives less and less pleasure.

2. Size Matters

The difference between the small and large sizes makes a BIG difference to the number of calories you are eating.
Chocolate Eggs
Small 13g (4.5 cm tall) –> 65 calories
Medium 75g (11.5cm tall)–> 385 calories
Large 200g ( 18cm tall) –> 1020 calories

Hot Cross Buns
Small 40g –> 125 calories
Medium 65g –> 225 calories
e.g. Bakers Delight
Large 85g –> 270 calories
e.g. Tip Top Cafe

Easter Bunnies
Small 25g –> 135 calories
Medium 90g –> 480 calories
Extra Large 200g –> 1085 calories
(Information from Calorie King)

3. Parties and Gatherings

Don’t arrive hungry. Eat a healthy snack before attending parties or dinners. Arriving hungry is a sure-fire way to overindulge. Try cottage cheese on a couple of crackers or a yoghurt or small tin of tuna on a couple of crackers or small serve of baked beans on one slice of toast.
Arrived hungry? There is still something you can do – drink a large glass of water before you eat or drink anything.

4. Chocolate is for dessert not starters

Just because it’s Easter don’t give up your healthy habits. Have a healthy meal of lean protein, wholegrain carbohydrates and lots of veggies. Then have your carefully chosen portion size of chocolate.If you choose the medium bunny rather than the small you will need to walk for at least an hour to burn off the EXTRA 345 calories you will consume!

5. Move your feet

Aim to walk at least 30 minutes every day, get that step count up. This will help you burn off some of those excess calories and it will get you away from the chocolate eggs, bunnies and buns!

Happy Easter